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Top 10 trendy mangalsutra- perfect for everyday wear

Top 10 trendy mangalsutra- perfect for everyday wear:-

The word mangal means auspicious and Sutra means thread – together mangalsutra means an auspicious thread uniting the souls. The groom ties the auspicious thread around the bride's neck on the day of their holy nuptial as the significance that their relationship would be as auspicious as the thread. It is a combination of gold pendants with sometimes black beads to prevent the couple from evil energies and spread happiness to the couple.

  1. Three solitaire pendant mangalsutra:-


Much like everything in weddings, minimalism has paved its way to mangalsutra designs as well. It's a gorgeous simplistic yet so elegant mangalsutra design featuring three solitaires combined with black beads with gold or silver plating.

  1. Five solitaire pendant mangalsutra:-

Etched with a half black and half gold thread, this mangalsutra design features an ogle-worthy festoon that is equal parts traditional and modish. It boasts of a five-solitaire gold plated pendant with a double circular design.

 3.   Structural Double Hearts Gold Plated Mangalsutra:-

This mangalsutra design is perfect to make a strong statement. It has a design of 2 crossed hearts which are gold plated and has stone designs representing the strong and inseparable bond.

  • 4.   The one for maximalist brides:-

We know, not all of you are lovers of minimalism! So, here we bring you a rather opulent mangalsutra design. These mangalsutras consist of a big pendant making them more lavishing.

  1. A pop of colour:-

It’s something really unique. It’sa combination of colours along with stones and gold with black beads.

 6.   Traditional Ethnic:-

It’s a traditional design with black beads and the pendent which will be a traditional design like peacocks, elephants etc.

  1. Double layered mangalsutra:-

It’s the latest design that attracts everyone. It has a unique feature that is it’sa dual layer chain which looks gorgeous with every neck style and every dress.

  1. More than single thread:-

It’s a super unique mangalsutra design which features the traditional double or triple thread of black with a gorgeous pendant making it elegant.

  1. A heart-shaped mangalsutra:-

In this latest mangalsutra design, the thread is sectioned with multiple jewel stones and the heart is the center of attraction in the middle of the chain.

  1. Floral design mangalsutra:-

This one is the best and the most simple one for those who are looking for an evergreen floral detailing.


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