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8 different types of unique necklace designs that every girl would like to wear

A necklace is a crucial part of every girl’s outfit. After all, it can make or break your look! While you could play up a plain black dress with a chunky pearl necklace, an oxidized silver necklace can accessorize your Kurti without being too flashy. So, you must get your necklace right the next time you step out for an event.

 Pendant necklace

  1. Pendant necklace:-

This accessory ranks high in terms of its versatility and can serve as the focal point dangling off a chain. Pendants can be personalized which makes them great gift options. You can pair it up with a traditional Indian attire while attending your friend’s wedding or even over casual jeans and a top while preparing for college. 

Chain necklace

  1. Chain necklace:-

Wish to keep your entire look simple yet sophisticated? Then think no more and opt for a chain necklace which as the name signifies comprises a beautiful chain in necklace format. These look good with dainty dresses having solid color shades.Lariat necklace

  1. Lariat necklace:-

It comes in the form of a modern twist to the traditional long necklaceand can easily accentuate your décolletage with its dainty design. Lariat necklaces is also popular by the name of Y necklace and doesn’t have a clasp. Their ends are looped, crossed over or knotted in a variety of ways to bring in more drama to your overall look.

Lavalier necklace

  1. Lavalier necklace:-

A lavalier is a chain type necklace that ends in one large size pendant or tassel.
Sometimes there may be additional smaller pendants dangling from the main stone. The influence of Art Nouveau style imagery could be seen in the
 lavaliers which sometimes featured peacocks, Viking ships and wistful maidens.

Layered necklace

  1. Layered necklace:-

Layering necklaces, and stacking rings, is red-hot for 2020. With necklaces, you can go bold or delicate. The difference in lengths can be dramatic or subtle.


  1. Chokers:-

Chokers almost fit any outfit be it traditional, casual or modern. It is a common type of neckpiece that everybody knows about. Chokers are worn close to your neck. It has gained much trousseau as a bridal essential. It very well goes for highly worked lehengas and saris. As a bridal collection, chokers complement any neckline structures and add elegance to you daintily. A v-necked dress gives out much aura of any heavy worked choker. You can blindly go for it. Chokers with layered designs look great on sarees and lehengas. If you wish to complete your accessory with just one piece, go for chokers that are multi-layered. 

Matinee necklace

7:-Matinee necklace:-

This necklace style is an absolute favorite of ladies who are planning to wear a top or gown having a plunging neckline as it rests just above the bust. A matinee necklace might be embellished with beads or stones. You can even proceed with one having a pendant if you have a fuller bust or wider neck region. The matinee necklace can also serve you well if you wish to layer your look as they are shorter than opera length and longer than princess length.

Collar necklace

8:- Collar necklace:-

Better known as crewnecks, collar necklaces are 12 to 13 inches long. Usually made up of three or more strands of pearls and kundan, this necklace encircles your neck just around the collar area. Ideal for turtle necks, boat necks, V-necks, or off-the-shoulder outfits, collar necklaces are a great way to make a statement.

Final thoughts:-

A necklace is one such accessory that can heighten your overall appearance. Every woman loves necklaces and to collect all the types and designs of necklaces. Fulfill your desire for a collection of the latest, stylish and unique designs of necklaces by shopping from embeyvalley. We provide all designs of necklaces that will increase the beauty of every woman. Contact us now and fill your jewelry box with attractive necklaces.